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These are The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

These are The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer – Currently, more and more people are competing to be able to make their body ideal and also healthier. If you’re just starting an exercise program or have been around for a while, but don’t see results from the routines you’ve been doing, you may want to consider getting a personal trainer or personal trainer. People choose to exercise under the supervision of a personal trainer for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for weight loss, getting in shape, or wanting to compete.

These are The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

1. Define transformational movements for the body
Even if you go to the gym regularly, a trainer can help you complete your fitness regime for optimal results and a better appearance. A trainer can tell you how to combine movements that help improve posture, even without losing weight.

Trainers can also help women who may want to incorporate strength training into their workout routine but are concerned about getting bigger. A trainer will show you how to benefit from strength training, including toning muscles and increasing metabolism without using heavy weights or gaining body mass.

2. Help determine how to start training
If you are new to sports, you may feel that exercise is a very complicated thing. In fact, if faced with the task of setting up a complete workout schedule, you may become so overwhelmed that you do nothing.

A coach can help you determine how to define exercises, such as cardio, weight training, and flexibility training. A trainer can also help you how to fit all of these exercises into a busy schedule.

3. Reduces the risk of post-workout pain
For those of you who are not used to exercising, one-time exercise might make your body feel sore. This may require you to take a break from exercising for a few days, even making you lazy to exercise again.

This is where a trainer comes in handy for you. Because a good coach focuses on safety. So, in training, the coach will try to avoid injury and modify the exercise if necessary. The trainer will also determine the proper warm-up and cool-down and ensure that the client performs the movement with the correct form. These improvements can not only help prevent injury, they can also lead to better results…

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This Is a List of Cultural Festivals In Lombok

This Is a List of Cultural Festivals In Lombok – Currently, there are more and more pickles that can be held in a country that has a lot of fans.

Every time they travel, people will generally visit famous tourist spots. Tasting the typical food in the area is also a must. Vacations will be more meaningful if you learn about the culture in the area.

There are many ways to get to know the culture of an area. One of them is by watching a cultural festival in the area. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is famous for having many interesting cultural festivals.

This Is a List of Cultural Festivals In Lombok

1. Smell Charm Festival
The Pesona Bau Nyale Festival is held every year on the 20th of the 10th month based on the calculation of the Rowot Sasak calendar. This calendar system is a traditional characteristic of the Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok.

The Bau Nyale ceremony is generally held at Seger Beach, Mandalika, Central Lombok. The uniqueness of this festival is the activity of looking for worms which are said to be believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika.

A little story behind this ceremony is the story of Princess Mandalika who threw herself into the sea to avoid marriage. Famous for his charm, many princes who want to propose to Princess Mandalika. To prevent conflict, Putri Mandalika plunged into the sea and not long after her departure appeared colorful worms in the sea. The worm is then called “nyale”, while the word “bau” means to catch.

Besides looking for or catching worms together at night, this festival is also enlivened by various interesting activities. There is the selection of Princess Mandalika, cultural dialogue, and cultural arts performances.

2. Malean Sampi
Malean Sampi in Indonesian means chasing cows. This event was held as a thanksgiving from the farmers for having finished the harvest and getting ready to start the next harvest. Malean Sampi is generally carried out in muddy fields in Lingsar and Narmada sub-districts.

At the Malean Smpi program, the audience can see a cow contest, a cow that runs well has the opportunity to be bought by a trader at a high price. Spectators can also see a parade of cows and peresean, a typical Lombok game).

3. Tambora Enchantment Festival
Originally named Tambora Greet the World, the Tambora Enchantment Festival is an annual event that has been held since April 2015. The festival is held to commemorate the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 as well as celebrate the birthday of Dompu Regency.

The Tambora Festival is held at Doro Ncanga, at the foot of Mount Tambora. During the festival, visitors can see traditional dances, traditional parades, alms of the earth, and Teka Tambora. Teka Tambora is a climbing activity to the top of Mount Tambora.…

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Recognize the Signs of Mental Disorders that Often Occur

Recognize the Signs of Mental Disorder that Often Occurs – Nowadays more and more people do not understand the mentality of others, whether as strong as they think or not. Many people only pay attention to their physical health, even though mental health is also important to maintain. Both can affect each other and affect quality of life if one of them has problems. One of the problems related to mental is mental disorders.

When experiencing mental disorders, the signs are not easy to recognize. This is because the symptoms caused are very broad so it is necessary to get an examination from a doctor.

Recognize the Signs of Mental Disorders that Often Occur

Some Signs of Mental Disorders That Are Rarely Realized

1. Constant Fatigue
A person who feels constantly tired can be a natural sign of a mental disorder. Even so, this problem is often not realized because they feel that they are physically not well. In addition, people with this problem often try to hide what they are experiencing so as not to feel embarrassed.

In other words, there are many biological, environmental, and social factors that can explain why a person with a mental illness can feel tired throughout the day. Therefore, if you feel tired throughout the day for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to immediately get a mental health check.

2. Physical Pain
What everyone needs to know is that mental and physical health are interrelated. If you have a mental disorder, your physical health can also be affected. One study found that about 50% of people with chronic pain experience symptoms of depression. These mental problems can also cause stomach aches, body aches, digestive problems, and others.

Another sign of mental disorders that can arise is the possibility of an increased sensitivity to pain. This can be due to interactions between disrupted brain chemicals and the sensation of pain.

Therefore, if you experience feelings of pain and pain for which the cause is unknown, it is better to check with a doctor or psychologist.

3. Emotional Disorder
Problems with emotions are one of the signs of mental disorders that are rarely discussed. When talking about mental illness, one often talks about feeling depressed, anxious, upset, or even excited.

If you are unable to feel pleasure, then you have anhedonia. This can result in a loss of the ability to experience joy for long periods of time.

4. Often Avoids
It’s natural for everyone to avoid something they don’t like. Usually this happens for several reasons, such as procrastination, stress, or lack of interest. However, when it comes to developing avoidance patterns, this can become a bigger problem. For example, a person with panic disorder may repeatedly avoid certain situations that could trigger a panic attack.

5. Personality Change
If someone acts like a completely different person, doesn’t act, or feels like themselves, this is a warning sign. Be sure to get yourself checked if you or someone around you is having this problem.…

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Recognize the Symptoms of Ringworm

Recognize the Symptoms of Ringworm – Currently, there are more and more types of skin diseases that are around us that have been stalking our health for a long time. One type of skin disease that is not uncommon is ringworm.

Symptoms of ringworm begin with the appearance of red, scaly areas on the skin. The rash may expand in a circular shape that resembles a ring. The color of the inside of this circle looks more faded than the edges, and is bordered by red dots. Because of its shape, ringworm is also known as ringworm.

Recognize the Symptoms of Ringworm

Ringworm of the head (tinea capitis)
Symptoms of tinea capitis are patches with scaly areas on the scalp. The patchy skin becomes hard and feels very itchy. If you have an open wound in the patch area, the wound may ooze pus.

Ringworm of the face (tinea faciei)
Ringworm on the face is characterized by a circular rash. The rash is red and scaly, with a redder edge.

Ringworm of the beard (tinea barbae)
Tinea barbae is characterized by swelling icsrestaurantbuilders in the area where the beard grows. The skin also becomes hard and a pustule filled with pus appears. This condition can cause beard hair loss.

Ringworm of the skin (tinea corporis)
Symptoms of tinea corporis are a red rash with thicker edges like rings. This rash is very itchy and will slowly increase in size.

Ringworm of the hands (tinea manuum)
Symptoms include dry and cracked skin on the palms, especially between the fingers. A circular red rash may also be seen on the back of the hand. If the infected hand touches other parts of the body, the infection can spread.

Ringworm in the groin (tinea cruris)
Symptoms of tinea cruris in the form of a red circular rash like a ring. The groin or groin is also swollen and itchy. In addition, the skin of the groin can peel and feel sore.

Ringworm of the feet or water fleas (tinea pedis)
Symptoms of water fleas are dry and scaly skin on the feet. The skin on the feet may also peel, itch, burn or sting, especially between the toes or the soles of the feet. The skin between the toes becomes white, feels tender, or blisters appear.

Ringworm of the nails (tinea unguium)
Ringworm or nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. The initial symptom is a thickening of the tissue under the nail. The color of the fingernails becomes white and opaque, while the toenails look yellow. In addition, nails appear thicker and brittle, so they fall off easily.…

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Benefits of Passion Fruit for Health

Benefits of Passion Fruit for Health – As we know that consuming lots of fruit can provide many good benefits for health in the body. One of the fruits that can provide healthy nutrition is passion fruit. Passion fruit has a distinctive taste, which is a combination of sour and sweet flavors that give it a delicious and refreshing taste when eaten. Passion fruit is also one of the fruits whose seeds are used.

Indonesia has two types of passion fruit, namely yellow passion fruit and purple passion fruit. Purple passion fruit has a distinctive aroma with a round shape. While the yellow passion fruit is larger than the purple passion fruit and has a lighter skin color.

Benefits of Passion Fruit for Health

1. Reduce asthma attacks
The histamine content in passion fruit can relieve an asthma attack that you are currently experiencing. Recent studies have shown that passion fruit has great benefits for treating ulcers.

2. Lose weight
Regular consumption of passion fruit juice can help you lose weight because passion fruit is a low-calorie fruit.

In addition, passion fruit is rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars so that it can lower cholesterol and speed up the body’s recovery process by fulfilling energy intake due to exercise.

3. Helps sleep better
Passion fruit juice has a calming effect on the nerves so it can relax your mind. This kind of thing is certainly very helpful for insomniacs or those who can’t sleep soundly. Therefore, a glass of passion fruit juice before bed can make insomniacs sleep better.

4. Maintain the condition of the digestive tract
Passion fruit has a high fiber content. Fiber is very important for the health of the digestive tract so that the digestive tract such as the intestine is clean so that it avoids constipation. In addition, passion fruit can also be used as a mild laxative.

5. Can protect the body from the threat of disease
Passion fruit contains many antioxidants that function to protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals. Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and polyphenols, which protect the body from chronic inflammation, heart disease and cancer.…

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