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Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty – Buna always has a shape and fragrance that is her trademark. Usually flowers are used as a decoration inside or outside the house. However, not all types of flowers can be used for beauty treatments. So what types of flowers can be used for beauty?

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

Not only beautiful to be used as a graduation gift and during a date, roses can actually be used as a solution to treat dry and sun-damaged skin. You see, roses have a very high vitamin C content, girls! So, roses are good if used as a natural mask.

After discussing roses, you must remember the jasmine flower! Yup, this flowers that is familiar with white color turns out to have a very high nutritional content, girls! Hence, jasmine is often used by the beauty world for skin care. In particular, jasmine functions to open closed skin pores and provide nutrients for health.

This type of flower is very familiar because it is often used as a fragrance. Well, this flower is known to be very fragrant. But, did you know? Lavender turns out to be suitable for your sensitive skin. You see, the substances contained in Lavender can fight bacteria and control sebum production in the pores. Who needs it?

As the name implies, you definitely know that sunflowers always point towards the sun. Even so, sunflowers are never damaged by UV rays and the flower color remains bright yellow. Maybe, that’s why, sunflower seed extract can brighten your facial skin, by disguising black spots on the skin and fading dark circles around the eyes.

You must have often heard the name hibiscus flower! However, you certainly don’t know that it turns out that hibiscus flowers are often used as ingredients for beauty treatments. You see, hibiscus flowers contain Alphahydroxy Acids and amino acids that function to remove dead skin cells. In addition, both of these ingredients can overcome oily skin.

Last but not least, there is a lotus flower that can actually be used for the health of your beautiful skin. Yup, the flowers that grow in these waters are rich in antioxidants so they can fight free radicals on the skin. In addition, the content of natural substances in lotus has positive benefits in maintaining skin elasticity. As a result, your beautiful skin will stay youthful.